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Michael Warren

December 9, 2021

December 9, 2021

You’re sick. Really sick. And to be honest, the doctors really aren’t sure what’s wrong. But you’re getting worse. Probably pretty important that the doctors conduct the proper tests so the correct diagnosis can be made - wouldn’t you agree?

When your agency or one of its members is “sick,” it’s also important that we make a correct diagnosis. Failure to do so almost guarantees that the problem won’t be fixed.

As instructors, we are often the ones tasked with treating “illness.” You are the experts after all. But many of us struggle with the assessment phase. And the struggle usually comes in one of two forms.

The first form is no assessment done at all. None. It literally is a shot in the dark. A guess. And while we may get it right every now and then, most of the time we won’t even be in the right zip code.

The second form is an assessment is done, but it isn’t done well. And the problem is misdiagnosed. This leads to wasted time, wasted resources, and a problem that still isn’t fixed.

Law enforcement trainers usually prepare some incredible training. The content is fantastic. It’s evidence based. It’s solid.

But none of that matters if we aren’t addressing the problem. Do the assessment. Do it well. Make the correct diagnosis and then treat it.