What Our Students Say


I would encourage anyone in a leadership position to attend this type of training, even if a
person only gets one idea, the training is worth it.

Sgt. First Class


Command Presence laid out issues present in supervision/leadership roles and helped me identify flaws in my leadership and supervision style, and they gave me solutions to help resolve these issues.

Tom G.


Our training with Command Presence was a high-quality training experience, and helped me gain perspective on the expectations I have of my recruits going forward.

Ethan C.


Command Presence's training was very informative and collaborative. The collaboration aspect allowed me to hear new ideas and learn from other people experiencing the same issue. It was super helpful.

Chris E.


Our training was thought provoking and forced me to realize that what we are doing is not working and needs to change.

Chad R.


Training with Command Presence brought to light my core values as a police officer and what really matters to me. Our course showed me how to help those I work with and guide my peers in a positive

Zach Z.


Our training course allowed me to see how others train and how the FTO program should be run.

Troy M.


Emails We Have Received

This email is just to let the Training Division know that I thoroughly enjoyed the
training presented by Command Presence:

“Converge – Public Safety Leadership and Culture Symposium” on August 17th  and 18th.  This training event was Command Presence’s inaugural event and they stated there is not another training offered that merges all levels of rank in the type of way they do.  Dispatchers, cadets, and civilian records clerks from several departments
also attended. 

On the first day, we were broken up by rank and on the second day, we “converged” as a group and intermingled in several workgroups.  It was eye opening to work alongside Chiefs, Colonels, Sheriffs, Majors, Under Sheriffs, etc. from around the state.  We were trained on topics such as: accepting and providing feedback to staff, handling conflicts with staff, having courageous conversations, being leaders, emotional intelligence, DISC profiling, getting to know your team better, delegation, mission, vision, values, and fundamental behaviors.  I think this course would be extremely beneficial for all staff members within the Sheriff’s Office.  Command Presence is hoping to put on more trainings in the Lansing area and I am hoping ICSO will be able to host some of the upcoming events. 

Thanks for your time! 

M. Ford



Thanks to you and John along with all the instructors and support staff for developing and delivering this training.  It was personally revitalizing and brought hope and positivity of how we hope to shift our culture for the better.  I feel it is important to let you know this would not have been the result if it were not for the day two activities.  Of having the engagement, the converging, with the various staff within our department that responded to the opportunity and invitation to attend this symposium. 
The staff I worked with through most of day two: two field officers and a sergeant, shared how fortunate it was for them to interact with me and hear personally what my goals were, share how decisions are made at a higher level, what barriers we face, and the desire to somehow engage and include all staff in the decision-making processes.  One officer said that our conversations and interaction this day was the most he has had, combined in his 7+ years of being with the department with any leadership and command staff aside from his Sergeant.  This is very eye opening to hear.  We have a lot of work to do to ‘make it better’ and I have a lot of ideas and tools thanks to this experience that I am excited to share with my team.

Jen W.