The Faces of Leadership, presented by the Command Presence Leadership Institute, believes that leadership is about two things – people and action. Leaders from across society are interviewed to discover what drives them, what makes them effective, and what the impact is of the leadership they provide.

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Leading Those Who Answer the Call

Join Michael Warren as he delves into leadership principles and the often-overlooked role of 911 dispatch centers in public safety. Featuring an insightful conversation with Jamison Peevyhouse, Vice President for Public Safety at RapidSOS, this episode explores the essential elements of leadership, the significance of training and hiring for culture, and the future of emergency response technology. Michael and Jamison discuss how effective leadership is about influencing and supporting your team, preparing for future challenges, and ensuring the right data reaches the right hands to save lives. Tune in to learn how true leadership can transform organizations and directly impact community safety.


Mentoring the Aspirational Professional

Join Michael Warren as he sits down with Victor Lauria, the Criminal Justice Department Chair at Madonna University. They discuss the importance of staying relevant in both leadership and education, the challenges and rewards of preparing students for careers, and the significance of providing proper tools and training. Victor shares his experiences from his law enforcement career and how those lessons apply to his current role in academia. Whether you are in law enforcement, education, or another field, this episode offers valuable insights into leadership, mentorship, and the pursuit of excellence.


Moral Leadership is a Force Multiplier

In this insightful episode of the Faces of Leadership, host Michael Warren welcomes Colonel Grayson Story to discuss his incredible journey through more than 30 years of service in the United States Marine Corps. As a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Colonel Story recounts pivotal moments from his military career, including his assignment during the Iraq War, his leadership approach, and the invaluable life lessons he has learned. They explore topics such as the importance of team cohesion, shared hardships, maintaining moral courage, and the profound responsibility of leadership. Reflecting on both historical and recent global conflicts, Colonel Story provides a unique perspective on strategic planning and the essential human factors in military operations. This episode is not only a tribute to his service but also a deep dive into the essence of leadership and camaraderie.


Earn the Trust

Join host Michael Warren as he welcomes Senior Director Brian Uridge, with over three decades of experience in law enforcement, healthcare, security, and fire service. They dive into Brian’s unique leadership journey, from his start at Kalamazoo Public Safety to his current role at the University of Michigan Healthcare System. They discuss the challenges of merging diverse cultures, the importance of trust and vulnerability in leadership, and the specific nuances of community policing in a healthcare setting. Learn about the critical balance between safety and customer service in an environment where 73% of workplace violence occurs. With engaging anecdotes, actionable leadership lessons, and invaluable insights, this episode is a must-listen for aspiring and current leaders.


For Those Who Follow Behind You

In this episode Michael Warren delves into the essence of leadership with David Elola, Director of Statewide Training at the Tennessee Corrections Institute and Sergeant First Class in the U.S. Army Reserve. David shares his journey from seeking stability through enlisting in the Army to becoming a highly regarded leader and master instructor. The conversation covers pivotal moments that shaped his leadership style, the importance of mentorship, and the significance of trust and training in developing future leaders. David also discusses the innovative leadership training programs he's spearheading at TCI, emphasizing the need for continuous development and the impact of strong leadership across various levels and industries.


Out of Your Comfort Zone

Join Michael Warren as he interviews David Snively, a seasoned public safety professional and interim police chief with extensive experience in leadership roles. David shares insights on the importance of surrounding yourself with smarter people, the challenges of being brought in for organizational change, and the necessity of genuine, transparent communication. He discusses his unique leadership journey, the pivotal moments that defined his career, and how leaders can earn trust and legitimacy both internally and externally. David also highlights his work with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the impactful services provided by the Collaborative Reform Initiative Technical Assistance Center (CRI-TAC).