Officer Safety

Off-Duty Doesn't Always Mean Out of Danger


Michael Warren

August 25, 2022

August 25, 2022

For anyone who has worked in the first responder field you have a unique understanding of how good quittin’ time feels. Calling out of service is such an incredible feeling. And that’s even before we get out of the uniform and all the other equipment.

But just because you reached that time of the day where you aren’t getting paid doesn’t mean you can let your guard down all the way.

For those of you who have take-home cars. The only thing that changed when you called out of service is that you aren’t on duty. You’re still in uniform. Still in a patrol car. Everyone that sees you knows you are a cop.

And even on your day off. In plain clothes. Doing your own thing. Danger may be there. If you want some proof, check out this episode front Between the Lines podcast. Sometimes the danger finds you.

Folks, I am not advocating for you to be behaving off-duty the way you do when you’re working. You need down time.

But you can’t be living blindly either. You need to be prepared - mentally, physically, equipmentally (I like making up my own words) - to handle a threat who finds you. Because off-duty doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. Stay alert, stay alive.