Officer Safety

Somber Thoughts


Michael Warren

February 4, 2021

February 4, 2021

The events from Tuesday are still running through my head. Five FBI agents were shot – two of them fatally. The deadliest day for the Bureau since 9/11.

These heroes paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving a search warrant for a child pornography case. Died protecting some of the most vulnerable victims in this country.

As details have started to emerge about the incident it has only deepened my sadness. The pictures of the young, brave agents have really gotten to me.

The most recent reports have revealed that the suspect monitored the movements of the agents using his doorbell camera. A doorbell camera. Something so simple, so small, a seemingly innocuous piece of technology.

This week I am struggling to write much of anything. My thoughts are on the agents we lost this week.

Please stay safe, my brothers and sisters.