Officer Safety

Take It


Michael Warren

June 23, 2022

June 23, 2022

“Next time take the space,” I heard the coach yell to my son’s teammate. This was after the young man had kicked the ball even though he had plenty of open space to maneuver. But it got me to thinking, how often have we failed to take what is offered to us?

Too often we rush into things. We decrease the discretionary time available to us. We create the crisis – for us. Simply because we don’t take the time.

Too often we don’t take the space. Instead we decrease distance. We close the gap. We make the danger more proximate.

Too often we ignore viable options. Options that would be safer for us. Safer for citizens. We take unnecessary risks.

Take it. Whenever possible. Take the discretionary time – create it. Take the space – use it to your advantage. Take the reasonable option – the one you’ve trained for, prepared for.

Take it – before it’s taken from you.