The Ownership Perspective


Michael Warren

May 26, 2022

May 26, 2022

If you have read many of our blogs or have attended any of our in-person training events, you already know that we are big fans of Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. Their work, Extreme Ownership, is considered by many, including us, to be the seminal work on personal responsibility.

To provide a synopsis for those of you who may not have read the book, here you go. You are responsible for your decisions and the outcomes of those decisions. Period. No excuses. Just owning it.

We subscribe wholly to this – professionals recognize that they are responsible to what they do and don’t do. Their preparation to do the job. Their attitude while doing the job. Everything.

There is one thing trend we have noticed that has raised concern. That trend is the fixation, unfortunately by many people in formal leadership positions, to focus only on what others should “own.” That is, that others must exemplify ownership, but are unwilling to take ownership themselves.

Leaders are owners – owners of their decisions and the outcomes. There are many times that they must also own the decisions and outcomes of those for whom they are responsible. Blame is not placed – it is accepted.

Leaders must be the first to own their decisions. Not necessarily the first to demand ownership from others. Be the leader – change the ownership perspective.