Instructor Development

Watching and Listening


Michael Warren

March 31, 2022

March 31, 2022

I love that saying, “Dance like nobody’s watching.” I’m equally fond of the one that says, “Sing like nobody’s listening.”

But I have come up with a new one. It goes something like this, “Write like you ain’t the one teaching it.”

And what I am referring to here is our lesson plans, instructor guides, and presentation material. All the stuff that is used to deliver a class.

Because all too often when (if?) we produce them, we fail to consider the possibility we might not be the one delivering the training. And if we aren’t the one teaching, that means someone else has to take our stuff and deliver the class.

If we prepared our materials properly, this wouldn’t be an issue if they were given enough time to prepare. When we don’t, however, everybody suffers. Everybody, that is, except the original author. Because that person already has the information.

So, to my instructors and curriculum designers. Don’t assume. Don’t assume you will be the one delivering the material that you are authoring. Write it so another SME can pick it up and understand exactly what you are trying to provide the students. It’s imperative. Because, in this case, there is someone watching and there is someone listening.