Converge Summits

About The Summit

This 2-day summit brings everyone together, regardless of rank (both sworn and non-sworn), to focus on effective leadership and how to design the organizational culture employees deserve. You and your community deserve an agency that has extraordinary culture and this summit will help you achieve it.

In order to help grow your agency into THE agency everyone wants to work for, we will help you and your team focus on the following three things:

  1. Investing in leadership training at all levels (sworn and non-sworn)
  2. Intentionally designing a culture your people deserve
  3. Developing succession for talent - not title

Day 1: Individual Tiered Leadership Sessions

Day one is all about individual leadership. Extraordinary culture is impossible without great leadership at all levels, both sworn and non-sworn. You will attend one of the following sessions (which run simultaneously) based upon your current position in the organization.

  • Non-supervisor: Leading Without Rank: The Emerging Leader
  • Supervisor: The Art of Multi-Directional Leadership
  • Senior Leader: Not By Chance: The Intentional Senior Leader

Day 2 - Extraordinary Culture Through Intentional Design

Today we all “converge” to intentionally design a culture that employees and the community deserve. Through a highly collaborative small group process, participants will design a “why” based mission statement, identify the fundamental behaviors expected from all employees, and determine how to implement their plan into their agency.

Appropriate Audience

Ideally, agency teams made up of seven to ten people with a mixture of senior leaders, supervisors, and non-supervisors (both sworn and non-sworn).

Course Length

16 hours

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Benefits Include:

Making The Most Of Your Training Budget

Meeting POST Requirements

A More Professionally Trained Police Force

Build A Reputation As A Leader In Training Delivery

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