Dynamics of Officer/Citizen Encounters

About This Course

Police interactions with citizens are in the national spotlight. What previously wouldn’t have made the local paper now makes national news. Too many training courses leave officers with the impression that they must choose between good officer safety and positive citizen contacts. What officers need are tools to effectively engage citizens in a professional manner without compromising their own safety in the process. That’s why Dynamics of Officer/Citizen Encounters was created.

Appropriate Audience

This course is designed for Sworn Personnel and Supervisors of those who interact with the public.

Course Length

8 hours

Through guided discussion, self-assessment, and video analysis, participants will: 
  • Review current research about the threats to officer safety 
  • Understand the elements of the "Think CLEAR Approach to Officer Safety and Performance" 
  • Understand how knowing your authority keeps contacts lawful 
  • Explain why emotional intelligence may be the most important tool on your tool belt 
  • Explore how adaptive decision making increases officer safety 
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