Extraordinary Culture Through Intentional Design

About This Course

Culture seems to be the new “buzzword” in leadership, but it’s so much more than a buzzword. Agency culture directly impacts morale, recruiting and retention, and most importantly the wellness of employees. Every agency has a culture; whether it’s healthy or unhealthy. The key is to design the culture your people and community deserve rather than accept the culture that emerges naturally. This course focuses on the three keys to developing extraordinary culture and provides you a written plan for implementation. If you want better morale, lower turnover, and the ability to attract the best employees, this course will help you achieve each of these goals.

Appropriate Audience

This course is designed for anyone who has a desire to positively impact the culture of their work unit or organization. Best results are achieved by sending intact teams to this training.

Course Length

8 hours

Through guided discussion and small group exercises, participants will:
  • Identify the traits of high-performing organizations 
  • Explore and develop a “WHY" based mission statement 
  • Define and select the fundamental behaviors of extraordinary organizations 
  • Create rituals that improve organizational culture 
  • Implementing leadership at all levels, mentoring, and career-path programs
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Aug 6, 2024
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