Extraordinary Culture Through Intentional Design

About this course

Culture seems to be the new “buzzword” in law enforcement, but it’s so much more than a buzzword.  Agency culture directly impacts morale, recruiting, and most importantly, retention of the best employees.  Every agency has a culture; whether it’s healthy or unhealthy.  The key is to design the culture you want rather than accept the culture that emerges naturally.  Extraordinary culture does not happen by chance, it must be intentionally designed and implemented.  This course provides a proven framework that can be used to design the culture of any sized agency.  If you want better morale, lower turnover, and the ability to attract the best employees, this course will help you achieve each of these goal.

Appropriate Audience

Agency Executives, Command Staff, and other personnel designated to have a role in designing and implementing healthy culture.

Course Length

8 hours

Course Takeaways

  • The Effect of Personalities on Culture
  • Traits of a High-Performing Organization
  • Defining Culture: A Case Study
  • Mission Statements: More Than Words on a Wall
  • Defining the WAY the Organization Does the Work
  • Ritualizing Organizational Fundamentals
  • Communicating for Integration of the Culture
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May 25, 2023
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