Command Presence FTO Certification (C.T.E. Model)

This 40-hour Certification Course is the next evolution in Field Training. Participants will be introduced to the human-performance-based C.T.E. (Coach, Train, then Evaluate) Model© developed by Command Presence Training. This is not the San Jose or PTO model; it’s entirely new. This course emphasizes how FTOs train, not just how to evaluate. It has entirely new performance criteria based on 21st-century policing.  When applied properly, the C.T.E. model increases recruit performance, reduces washout rate, and reduces FTO burnout. It’s time to think differently about FTO training; this is your opportunity to be part of the long-overdue change.

Through guided discussion, case study, and video analysis, participants will explore the following:

  • The Science of how people learn
  • Communication strategies and generational leadership
  • Applying the C.T.E. Model© - Definitions, timelines, and best practices
  • The FTO as Coach, Leader, Tactician, and Evaluator
  • Conducting effective feedback sessions through the Socratic approach
  • Essential evaluation categories and FTO software systems
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Aug 9, 2024
East Lansing
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