Helping Them Find Their Passion: A Toolkit for Mentoring & Organizational Excellence

About This Course

One of the key components of extraordinary organizational culture is to ensure your people are professionally developed. There is no better way to invest in your people than through formal mentoring and career-path programs. This course offers a comprehensive toolkit to help you guide individuals in finding their true professional purpose. Participants will gain insights into the latest research on motivation and engagement, and they will acquire practical tools to design, develop, and implement mentoring and career-path programs.

Appropriate Audience

This course is designed for Organization Executives, Department Heads, HR Managers, Employee Supervisors, Employee Development Specialists, Trainers, and Prospective Mentors.

Course Length

16 hours

Through guided discussion, small group activities, and self-assessment, participants will: 
  • Develop a fully implementable written mentoring and career-path roadmap with ongoing program assessments 
  • A plan for mentor selection, matching, and evaluation 
  • Mentor development lesson plans and presentations 
  • Sample mentoring applications and contracts 
  • Essentials to developing a career-path program 
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