Leading When “it” Hits the Fan: Leading in Times of Crisis

About This Course

Over the past several years there has been a significant increase in active shooter/killer training. Most organizations are well prepared to respond to this type of event in their community. But what about other events such as a train derailment? An airplane crash? A Natural disaster? Leadership in the first few hours of a crisis event is critical and this course provides you with the tools to lead before a more formal structure is in place.

Includes the 8-Hour Art of Multi-directional Leadership

Appropriate Audience

This course is designed for front-line personnel who may respond to a variety of critical incidents with a primary focus on front-line supervisors.

Course Length

24 hours

Through guided discussion, small group activities, and self-assessment, participants will: 
  • Identify the 4 phases of a Critical Incident Scene and the “no-checklist” Checklist 
  • Learn how human performance factors affect decision-making under stress 
  • Distinguish between Administrative Scenes and Investigative Scenes 
  • Learn how the early decisions made on scene effect the overall investigation 
  • Identify post-incident procedures and follow-up  
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Making The Most Of Your Training Budget

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A More Professionally Trained Police Force

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