Leading Without Rank: The Emerging Leader

About This Course

Everyone, regardless of rank or title, has the capacity to lead. This course puts the learner on a path to discovering and maximizing their leadership potential. Effective leadership at all levels is vital to healthy organizational culture and this course provides a solid foundation for future growth. Regardless of your current position, you have the ability to influence others and we’ll show you how.

Appropriate Audience

This course is specifically designed for Non-supervisors (Sworn and Professional Staff) with a primary focus of Self-Leadership.

Course Length

8 hours

Through guided discussion, small group activities, and self-assessment, participants will: 
  • Create an individual leadership development plan 
  • Compare and contrast authority vs. influence and why it matters 
  • Learn communication and engagement strategies for leading peers and leading up 
  • Keys to connect and care for others 
  • Strategies for being the ideal team player 
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Oct 12, 2023
Mt. Horeb
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Nov 27, 2023
St. Johns
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