The Transitional Leader: The Art of Multi-Directional Leadership

About This Course

In most organizations the leaders “in the middle” often face unique
challenges because there are expectations and pressures from subordinates, peers, and senior leaders.  This course provides practical tools that will help supervisors discover the art of leading in a multi-directional environment, foster collaboration, build resilient teams, and utilize influence to achieve collective goals.  This course will also help leaders develop a personalized plan for leading from the middle.

Appropriate Audience

This course is designed specifically for current Supervisors (or soon to be supervisors) who are in the “middle” of the organization with a primary focus of leading teams.  This course is appropriate for all sworn and professional staff members.

Course Length

8 hours

Through guided discussion, small group activities, and self-assessment, participants will: 
  • Explore the characteristics of the multi-directional leader
  • Challenges of leading from the middle
  • Explore the art of delegation
  • Explore the art of leading up - leading your boss
  • Learn practical strategies for leading during challenging times
  • Learn the keys to building and leading teams
  • Develop a personalized plan for leading from the middle
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