Faces of Leadership

Moral Leadership is a Force Multiplier

July 9, 2024
Episode Guests
Michael Warren
Grayson Story

In this insightful episode of the Faces of Leadership, host Michael Warren welcomes Colonel Grayson Story to discuss his incredible journey through more than 30 years of service in the United States Marine Corps. As a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Colonel Story recounts pivotal moments from his military career, including his assignment during the Iraq War, his leadership approach, and the invaluable life lessons he has learned. They explore topics such as the importance of team cohesion, shared hardships, maintaining moral courage, and the profound responsibility of leadership. Reflecting on both historical and recent global conflicts, Colonel Story provides a unique perspective on strategic planning and the essential human factors in military operations. This episode is not only a tribute to his service but also a deep dive into the essence of leadership and camaraderie.