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Bryan Pizzuti

Lieutenant Bryan Pizzuti began his career working in various social service positions. As a Family Unification Specialist, he developed family service plans to assist reunification of parents with their children who were ordered to surrender their parental rights. Bryan was also an Intake Crisis Counselor responsible for the initial assessment and referral of individuals in crisis with mental health and/or chemical dependency needs.

Bryan continued to serve the community as a Juvenile Probation Officer where he worked with delinquent youth in assisting them following court orders. As an Adult Probation Officer his caseload consisted of all felony drug and alcohol related offenses.

In 2000, Bryan became a sworn police officer for the Township of Bloomfield in Bloomfield Hills Michigan and continues to serve the community as a patrol shift lieutenant. Prior to becoming a lieutenant, Bryan served as a Patrol and Investigations Support Sergeant and was a member of the FBI Violent Gang/Violent Crime Task Force. He is an active department trainer which includes force on force, Taser, and subject control tactics.

Bryan is well-presented and highly personable, with a strong motivation to train and educate individuals or groups that seek professional growth and development. He believes that the primary insight of a trainer should be the student first; continual study of the craft that is being instructed; knowledge and belief in research, study and questioning of all the areas instructed to stay current, relevant and impactful in students/trainees served.

Bryan holds a B.S. in Psychology from St. Vincent College and a M.S. in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh. He is also a graduate of Michigan State University School of Staff and Command. He is married with two teenage children.